29 May 2013


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24 May 2013

BRASIL / RUSSIA / EL SALVADOR : Week's Best Images From TIME.

This week 72 images are offered for viewing.

CANADA / MEXICO / CHILE : Former BC Woman Cop Murdered In Playa Del Carmen; Barrick Gold Fined $16 Million For Pascua-Lama, May Suspend Mine.

       Lynn Earle, 60...a long retired West Vancouver constable...was found murdered in the  popular Mayan Riviera resort of Playa del Carmen.
      Police can't say exactly when she died...but said she was stabbed multiple times during an apparent robbery.
         CHILE /CANADA: Santiago has fined Barrick Gold $16 million for environmental violations at its Pascual-Lama gold/silver project high in the mountains near the Argentina border.

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BRASIL / ITALY / GUATEMALA / USA / RUSSIA: 1 Dead, 7 Injured In Rio Fuel Tanks Fires/ Blasts; Ruby Heartstealer Admits Lying About Silvio's Sex Parties, Money; Ex-Prez Alfonso Portillo Extradited To USA For Money Laundering; Moscow Bans VKontakte By 'Mistake.'

      BRASIL: UPDATE: 1 dead, 7 were injured after 6 fuel tanks exploded and burned in the northern Rio suburb, Duque de Caxias.
      ITALY: In a Milano courtroom...Moroccan dancer 'Ruby the Heartstealer' now claims that she lied about ex-PM Sivio Berlusconi's sex parties and his $243,000 'gift'. 'I talked rubbish,' she testified.
       During the pimping trial of 3 Silvio associates...she said that she made up the sum to 'show-off.'
      GUATEMALA: Ex-president Alfonso Portillo was extradited to the USA charged with laundering $70 million.
      Portillo was president from 2000-2004.
     RUSSIA: For many hours...Moscow banned Russia's most popular online social outlet...VKontakte...by 'mistake.'

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23 May 2013

RUSSIA / CZECH REP / SWEDEN / MEXICO / BRASIL: Gauging Navalny's Real Support; American Sought For 4 Murders In Brno; Rioting Near Stockholm Spreads On 4th Night; Vigilantes Continue Narco Fight In Tierra Caliente; October Auction Scheduled For Giant Libra Subsalt Field.

        RUSSIA: How much support does anti-corruption, Putin Opposition blogger Alexei Navalny really have? Breaking down his social media followers.
     CZECH REP: Police seek young American for allegedly murdering 4 family members in Brno...and torching their house.
      SWEDEN: For the 4th night...rioting spreads beyond immigrant suburb Husby, NW of Stockholm...to 14 more suburbs. 3 police were injured and 2 stations attacked. Hundreds of cars torched. 15 arrested since Sunday.
   MEXICO: Vigilantes refuse to lay down arms vs narco Knights Templar in Tierra Caliente, Michoacan...even as thousands of soldiers arrive.
      BRASIL: Brasilia has scheduled an October auction for exploration rights in the giant 42 billion bbl subsalt Libra field. It sold a record $1.4 billion exploration rights in May...during its first auction in 5 years.

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22 May 2013

CHILE : Exposing Santiago's Often Violent 'Hooded" Protesters.

     Almost every protest in Santiago ends in violence started by hooded youths and anarchists...called 'encapuchados.'
     For over 2 years...students there have been protesting for education reforms...but the resulting violence is what the media always features...and what anyone talks about.
      The BBC examines who the hooded ones are...and what they want.

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EUROZONE: EU probes , , over tax loopholes; $1.3 trillion lost yearly.

FRANCE: Did a topless FEMEN protester go too far with her mock suicide at  in Paris? (fotos probably too sexual for Blogger censors).
FRANCE/DENMARK: Violent new film was roundly booed at Cannes.
    COLOMBIA: FARC rebel confesses about his recent defection; complains that rebel leaders are too comfortable during peace talks in  while rebels suffer jungle attacks. (With Twitter's free LATIMES link)
COLOMBIA: ELN kills 9 soldiers, wounds 6 in Chitaga ambush.
ECB: Why can't the Eurozone get out of its slump? It's austerity, stupid! (New Yorker)
BOLIVIA: President Evo Morales slams actor pal over plea for American jailed there since 2011...and his Dakar race boycott threat.
RUSSIA: Jailed  member Maria A. starts hunger protest over parole hearing ban.

CHINA / VIDEO : Dissident Artist Ai Weiwei Releases Critical Funky Rock Video.

      Controversial dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has released a new foul... and sometimes hard to listen to/watch...5-minute music video called...'Dumbass.'
       It's his version of the many months he spent in custody and under house arrest in Beijing...and is sure to provoke more angry responses from officials.

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21 May 2013

VENEZUELA / CUBA: Opposition Exposes Chavista Turmoil With Silva Tape.

       Opinionated Chavista...and foul-mouthed late night Caracas TV host Mario Silva suddenly took himself off the air...after the opposition leaked a tape that had him briefing a Cuban official...and blasting powerful Chavista congress leader Diosdado Cabello for corruption and even planning a golpe.
      Silva claims the recording is a fake...created by 'Zionists' and the CIA.
      But it illustrates the ongoing power struggle...and divisions among Socialists...following Hugo Chavez's recent death.

BRASIL : Dilma Wins Port Privatization Approval From Congress.

     34 state owned ports may soon be open to private investment...that could help improve Brasil's notorious and expensive shipping bottlenecks...and boost productivity.
   A new privatization bill passed by Congress at the last minute has gone to President Dilma Rousseff for signing.
   Labor unions oppose the legislation...that she helped negotiate.
   Rio dock workers had even walked out for 2 days over the issue...but returned.

EL SALVADOR : Supreme Court Ruling Threatens 60,000 Gang War Truce.

     The nation's Supreme Court has ruled that the appointment of Security Minister David Mungia Payes was illegal...possibly ending a year-long truce between 60,000 members of MS-13 and Calle 18 gangs.
      Mungia Payes negotiated the shaky truce...last year along with the Catholic Church.
      Since then the number of murders has plummeted.
      The court ruled that Mungia Payes' position...and the state police chief must be occupied by a civilian; Mungia Payes is a former general

GUATEMALA : Court Throws Out Rios Montt Genocide Conviction; Trial Restart Ordered.

    Aged former strongman Gen. Efrain Rios Montt, 86...has gotten a reprieve...after a top court threw out his 80 year conviction for genocide against 1,771 Mayan indigena in 1982-83.
   His trial must be restarted from the 19th of April...the date his defense lawyers walked out.
   The court ruled 3-2 that he was left however briefly...without legal representation.
    It means closing arguments must be delivered again.

HUNGARY / GERMANY/ EU : PM Orban's 'Tanks' Talk Sours Relations After Merkel's 'Cavalry' Comment.

       Hungary PM Viktor Orban meets Chancellor Angela Merkel tomorrow...under another cloud.
       On Friday...Orban said he hoped Germany would not send any more 'tanks'...one day after Merkel had stated that Berlin would 'do everything to put Hungary onto the right path'---except sending in the 'cavalry.'
       Orban was obviously referring to WW2's Nazi occupation...still a highly sensitive issue for Berlin...especially during these days of austerity anger directed at Germany.
       For years...the EU and Merkel have been highly critical of some Orban 'reforms...calling them undemocratic.
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20 May 2013

BRASIL: Pantless Lover...Barely Escapes Jealous Husband...From 3rd Floor.

       With Video

      The crowd gathered below shouted cornudo/cheater...as a man wearing only underclothes tried to escape from a 3rd floor window...and a very angry husband...using sheets tied together...after being caught during an afternoon tryst in Brasil.
       The cheater was finally forced to jump onto a mat placed by emergency workers... before he escaped barefoot from the mocking crowd...and seething spouse.

BRASIL / EUROZONE: Europeans Setting Up Homes In Rio's Former Slums.

     Brasil has spent hundreds of millions to 'pacify' its many notorious Rio favelas/slums for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics. 
     Now many Eurozone ex-pats are moving into the formerly gang infested areas...with great views...setting down roots...gentrifying the war zones...and boosting land and home prices.

19 May 2013

COSTA RICA /CANADA : 21 May UPDATE: BC Resident Deering Murdered In Escazu Home Invasion; Travel Advisory Issued.

      IST LINK CHANGE/ New Details

       BC resident Brad Deering, 42...was murdered...by 3 disguised intruders...during a home invasion in his Escazu gated community.
       He was the only person killed during the daytime attack.
       Deering was found handcuffed, naked and shot in the head in a backyard.
       3 others present were only tied-up.
       Deering had lived in Costa Rica for 8 years...working there as a 'futures' salesman.
       Police speculate that he may have been targeted because of his lavish lifestyle...or a business deal gone sour.
       Consulate officials have issued a travel warning for Costa Rica.

CANADA / MEXICO / USA : 22 May UPDATE: BC Man And American Feared Kidnapped In Puerto Vallarta.


        Canadian officials are worried that a BC resident has been kidnapped in Puerto Vallarta.
       And...his family is complaining of little help from Mexican police.
      Canadian citizen Diego Hernandez (above foto)...and US citizen Craig Silva, 31 (below foto)...were last seen on 8 May.
       Hernandez has family and friends in Saanich and Victoria.
       He operates a martial arts training gym in Puerto Vallarta.
       Mexican police speculate the pair were kidnapped/sequestros...because of unusual activity on their debit cards.

AUSTIN / USA / TECHNOLOGY: Newsblog...Passes 150,000 Page Views.

      The news about this newsblog...is that it has quickly surpassed 150,000 page views...for the first time since its June 2009 start.
      Despite being distracted daily with new flurries of observations/newslinks after recently rejoining Twitter...https://twitter.com/HyperObserver...this newsblog has posted 7,948 post/links here on Blogspot since 2009.
      All time...the USA leads in page views here...followed by visitors from Canada...Germany is 3rd...then Russia...with the UK in 5th place.
     But in the past 3 months...visits from Germany have surged into 2nd place...threatening to overtake even the USA.
     Hallo und herzlich willkommen!

18 May 2013

UKRAINE : Thousands Protest In Kyiv For Yulia, Against Yanukovych; Some Injured In Clashes.

       Several people were injured Saturday in scuffles after thousands rallied in Kyiv for jailed ex-PM Yulia Tymoshenko...and against President Viktor Yanukovych.
      Ukraine boxing champ Vitali Klitschko headed an estimated 15,000 protesters demanding the release of Yulia.
      Yanukovych's supporters clashed with the pro-Yulia crowds.

RUSSIA / AZERBAIJAN / DENMARK / EUROVISION 2013 / IMAGES: 21 May UPDATE: Moscow Outraged By Azeri Vote Problems; Denmark Won Finals...That Featured Lesbian Kiss; Germans Blame Poor Showing On Merkel.

      Russia is upset that Azerbaijan awarded no points for it's entry (above) in the Eurovision song contest. 
      Moscow's ForMin Lavrov called it 'outrageous'...that votes were 'stolen.'
      Baku cannot explain the discrepancy....because its telephone votes favored Russia after Ukraine...and has ordered a probe.
    From: Voices Online:  "With over 300 retweets, the most popular Eurovision quip belongs to a Twitter account called Fake_MIDRF (The Fake Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Russian Federation). The anonymous satirist mocked the country's past attempts to retaliate against perceived slights by foreigners, alluding to Russia's ban on U.S. adoptions aka the “Dima Yakovlev law”:
      В ответ на кражу голосов на “Евровидении” у России будет принят закон Дины Гариповой о запрете концертов иностранных граждан в РФ.
      In response to the theft of our votes at Eurovision, Russia will enact the Dina Garipova law, banning music concerts by foreign citizens in the Russian Federation."
       Entrants from 26 nations belted it out Saturday night in Malmo, Sweden...trying to win top honors in Eurovision's 58th Annual Song Contest...plus the cost of hosting next year's competition.
       Highly favored Denmark won...with young Emmelie De Forest's 'Only Teardrops.'
      Azerbaijan came in 2nd, followed by Ukraine, Norway and Russia.
          There were tunes about Greek austerity, a Romanian Dracula singing falsetto and Finnish gay marriage wishes...sealed with a lesbian kiss.
       Over 125 million viewers watched the final.
  TO READ: Germans blame Eurozone dislike of Merkel's austerity...for Berlin's poor showing.

17 May 2013

BOLIVIA : La Paz Pension Protest Turns Violent On 11th Day.

     Union mine workers, teachers and others clashed with police in La Paz...on the 11th day of a protest about pension payments.
     The demonstrations began on 6 May.

  TO WATCH : :20 video report

ITALY : Ruby Heartstealer Testifies About Bunga Bunga Parties at Milano Trial.

         Visibly thinner...new mom Moroccan Karima El Mahrough...aka Ruby Heartstealer... testified for the first time in the Milano trial of 3 former Silvio Berlusconi aides...about the former PM's infamous 'Bunga Bunga' sex parties.
         She confirmed raunchy details about the sex parties held in Silvio's luxurious Roma estate.

ARGENTINA : Former Dictator Jorge Videla Dies In Prison.

     Former military dictator...Gen Jorge Videla, 87... died in a Buenos Aires prison...of natural causes.
     In 2010, he was sentenced to life for the disappearance of 31 prisoners.
     A year later...he was given an additional 50 years for the theft of at least 400 babies.
     He led a 1976 golpe vs President Isabel Peron...and ruled until 1981.
     Thousands of liberal and leftists 'disappeared' during his rule...aka...'The Dirty War.'

16 May 2013

COSTA RICA / PERU / COLOMBIA : 17 May UPDATE : 2 More Aides Resign After Prez. Chinchilla Comes Under Fire For Free Flights On Alleged Narco Jet; Key Minister Resigns Over Flight From Bogus Person.


      President Laura Chinchilla has the lowest approval numbers in Latin America.
      Only an estimated 12% of Ticos approve of her performance.
      Her numbers may be getting worse...after it was revealed that she flew for free twice on a jet owned by a Colombian with alleged narco ties...seriously undermining her ethics.
      Costa Rica owns no state plane.
      Key Chinchilla spokesman...Communications Minister Franciso Chacon resigned Wednesday after it was revealed that he also flew free on a private jet to Colombia...paid for by a mysterious unknown person...who turned out to be the same Colombian.
     Chacon was the 15th minister to resign in 3 years.
     Chinchilla's head of security and intelligence quit Thursday...along with another top aide.

TEXAS / USA / IMAGES : 6 Dead, 200 Homes Damaged After 16 Tornadoes Ravage Granbury, Cleburne.

          WITH: 26 Images

      At least 6 people are reported dead...with 100 injured...and over 200 homes damaged...after a swarm of 16 tornadoes roared thru the city of Granbury...population 8,000...35 miles SW of Fort Worth...and also Cleburne.
      All the missing have been accounted for.
       The biggest tornado was described ..as a mile wide EF4...with winds 166-200 mph!

VENEZUELA : Caracas Gets Some Toilet Paper Relief; Opposition TV Channel Globovision Surrenders; Maduro Befriends Empresas Polar.

      Shortages of consumer goods under President Hugo Chavez's policies were common for years.
      Milk, corn, rice, cooking oils, chicken, toothpaste and even soap...were often unavailable.
      But the shortage of toilet paper really upset residents.
      New President Maduro has vowed to do something about it.
      His minister says Caracas will import 50 million rolls...while Venezuela consumes about 125 million rolls per month.
      The government blames hoarders and the media.
       ALSO: After 18 years of struggle...opposition TV channel...Globovision...called it quits... and is being sold to new pro-government ownership.
       AND: President Maduro recently publicly made-up with the billionaire boss of Empresas Polar...a large consumer goods company that Chavez often attacked.