14 December 2011

BRASIL: FIFA Ponders Guns Swap For World Cup Football Tickets; Lula's Tumor 75% Reduced.

                                       GUARDIAN/ T.PHILLIPS

     Notorious for rampant narco violence in its many slums...Brasil is proposing free, reduced-price tickets or memorabilia for football fans who surrender guns...for the 2014 World Cup.
    Another proposal is to then use the destroyed guns...to make FIFA goalposts.
    "We must consider the social legacy in defence of peace," an MP said in Brasilia. "In [South] Africa the theme was the fight against Aids. Here we must spread the culture of peace and disarmament. We are still the country that most kills with firearms."
    A FIFA rep. angered many during a recent visit by stating: "I think that unfortunately there are so many guns in Brazil that we wouldn't have a sufficient number of tickets."
AND:  Wildly popular former President Lula da Silva has successfully undergone his third chemo session...for throat cancer. Doctors say his tumor shrunk by...75%.