26 July 2012

ARGENTINA / RUSSIA / BELARUS/ UK : Olympics News...Sort Of.


     This blog won't be covering London's Olympics..per se.
     Probably...no sporting contest results...or medals.
     But...politics. Yes!
      President Cristina Kirchner...probably won't attend the opening ceremony tomorrow.
      Latest reports are that she is still snubbing the UK because of the ongoing Falkland/Malvinas islands dispute.
      A dispute mostly over possible oil/gas potential...even after one company recently reported poor oil/gas results from a test well there...and pulled out.

   AND:  Alexander Zhukov...Russian Olympics official tweeted Moscow's sore disappointment that Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko (foto) would not be allowed to attend the UK contests...because of an EU travel ban.
     'Sport is outside of politics?'...And a second tweet...'And what about Olympics values and tradition? Every schoolchild knows that in Greece a truce was agreed during the games...'