16 May 2013

VENEZUELA : Caracas Gets Some Toilet Paper Relief; Opposition TV Channel Globovision Surrenders; Maduro Befriends Empresas Polar.

      Shortages of consumer goods under President Hugo Chavez's policies were common for years.
      Milk, corn, rice, cooking oils, chicken, toothpaste and even soap...were often unavailable.
      But the shortage of toilet paper really upset residents.
      New President Maduro has vowed to do something about it.
      His minister says Caracas will import 50 million rolls...while Venezuela consumes about 125 million rolls per month.
      The government blames hoarders and the media.
       ALSO: After 18 years of struggle...opposition TV channel...Globovision...called it quits... and is being sold to new pro-government ownership.
       AND: President Maduro recently publicly made-up with the billionaire boss of Empresas Polar...a large consumer goods company that Chavez often attacked.