02 January 2012

HUNGARY : 3 Jan UPDATE: Tens Of Thousands Protest Conservative PM Orban's New Constitution...As Curb On Democracy; Viktor Orban Bio.

       An estimated 30,000-100,000 gathered in Budapest to protest the new constitution... because they fear it curbs the democracy of the original 1989 version.
       Protesters carried signs that said: "Enough!", "Orban dictatorship", "Orbanistan".
       PM Viktor Orban...with his party's two-thirds majority...passed the new constitution.
     “This is a full-court press against democracy,” said opposition member Sandor Szekely. “All checks and balances have been eliminated.”
      Former USA ambassador Mark Palmer believes Hungary even risks losing its EU membership, obtained in 2004.
    “Hungary’s ejection from the European Union is now no longer unthinkable,” Palmer said. The country “won’t be tolerated if it no longer counts as a democracy.”
    TO SEE: 1:44 AlJazeera Video Report:
   NEW!!! Excellent...but long bio of PM Viktor Orban...now called by some critics...the 'Viktator.'