24 May 2013

BRASIL / ITALY / GUATEMALA / USA / RUSSIA: 1 Dead, 7 Injured In Rio Fuel Tanks Fires/ Blasts; Ruby Heartstealer Admits Lying About Silvio's Sex Parties, Money; Ex-Prez Alfonso Portillo Extradited To USA For Money Laundering; Moscow Bans VKontakte By 'Mistake.'

      BRASIL: UPDATE: 1 dead, 7 were injured after 6 fuel tanks exploded and burned in the northern Rio suburb, Duque de Caxias.
      ITALY: In a Milano courtroom...Moroccan dancer 'Ruby the Heartstealer' now claims that she lied about ex-PM Sivio Berlusconi's sex parties and his $243,000 'gift'. 'I talked rubbish,' she testified.
       During the pimping trial of 3 Silvio associates...she said that she made up the sum to 'show-off.'
      GUATEMALA: Ex-president Alfonso Portillo was extradited to the USA charged with laundering $70 million.
      Portillo was president from 2000-2004.
     RUSSIA: For many hours...Moscow banned Russia's most popular online social outlet...VKontakte...by 'mistake.'

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