16 May 2013

COSTA RICA / PERU / COLOMBIA : 17 May UPDATE : 2 More Aides Resign After Prez. Chinchilla Comes Under Fire For Free Flights On Alleged Narco Jet; Key Minister Resigns Over Flight From Bogus Person.


      President Laura Chinchilla has the lowest approval numbers in Latin America.
      Only an estimated 12% of Ticos approve of her performance.
      Her numbers may be getting worse...after it was revealed that she flew for free twice on a jet owned by a Colombian with alleged narco ties...seriously undermining her ethics.
      Costa Rica owns no state plane.
      Key Chinchilla spokesman...Communications Minister Franciso Chacon resigned Wednesday after it was revealed that he also flew free on a private jet to Colombia...paid for by a mysterious unknown person...who turned out to be the same Colombian.
     Chacon was the 15th minister to resign in 3 years.
     Chinchilla's head of security and intelligence quit Thursday...along with another top aide.