22 May 2013

TECHNOLOGY : Today's 8 TWITTER Posts/Newslinks.

      Today...8 newslinks have been posted on TWITTER @ HyperObserver...https://twitter.com/...and are NOT duplicated here:

EUROZONE: EU probes , , over tax loopholes; $1.3 trillion lost yearly.

FRANCE: Did a topless FEMEN protester go too far with her mock suicide at  in Paris? (fotos probably too sexual for Blogger censors).
FRANCE/DENMARK: Violent new film was roundly booed at Cannes.
    COLOMBIA: FARC rebel confesses about his recent defection; complains that rebel leaders are too comfortable during peace talks in  while rebels suffer jungle attacks. (With Twitter's free LATIMES link)
COLOMBIA: ELN kills 9 soldiers, wounds 6 in Chitaga ambush.
ECB: Why can't the Eurozone get out of its slump? It's austerity, stupid! (New Yorker)
BOLIVIA: President Evo Morales slams actor pal over plea for American jailed there since 2011...and his Dakar race boycott threat.
RUSSIA: Jailed  member Maria A. starts hunger protest over parole hearing ban.