24 April 2013

RUSSIA / USA / CAUCASUS / OLYMPICS : Moscow Beefs-Up Sochi Security After Boston Bombings.

      The threat of desperate terrorists fighting for a Pan Caucasus Islamic state...and attacking the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics has Moscow very concerned. 
     Last week's tragic Boston bombings allegedly by 2 American Muslims with Caucasus connections...has spurred the Kremlin to review and even increase its Sochi security. 
     One security analyst called it '...like having the Olympics in Beirut.'
     Brutal Chechen terrorist Doku Umarov declared that the Sochi Olympics are his group's prime target.
     Umarov's Muslim terrorists are responsible for many horrific acts: bombing Moscow's metro and its main airport...derailing an express train...and taking hostages in a Beslan school and a Moscow theater...that resulted in the deaths of hundreds.