24 April 2013

MEXICO: Veracruz "Vote For Pay' Scandal Threatens Pena Nieto Reforms.

     President Enrique El Guapo Pena Nieto's entire much-hyped Pact For Mexico may be threatened...because of an alleged vote buying scandal in Veracruz state.
     The out of power PAN party released videos that purport to show officials demanding financial support for social programs only with vote support. 
     Now...the 2 major opposition parties may withhold their votes for a new banking bill... and perhaps other needed reforms...such as increasing tax collections, allowing foreign oil investments and boosting telecom competition.
   This is the biggest challenge in President EPN's young administration.
   EPN has been courting global investors by touting his new economic reform measures and...while downplaying and ignoring still widespread narco and criminal violence.
   EPN didn't help his cause by at first publicly supporting the social development minister seen in the videos...and under fire...with calls for his resignation.