02 November 2011

POLAND: Warsaw Lauds LOT Pilot Wrona For Safe Crash Landing.

                                                    WSJ / BLOG

     Poland is praising veteran pilot Tadeusz Wrona, 54, for safely belly-landing his LOT Boeing 767 in Warsaw...filled with 231 passengers from Newark...after its landing gear failed.
     "When the plane stopped, I wasn't sure if everyone was safe. There was smoke," Wrona said. "I felt huge relief when the purser reported, a minute and a half after we stopped, that the cabin was empty."
     The nation suffered a huge loss from the 2010 crash in Smolensk of an air-force plane that killed its President Lech Kaczynski and 95 dignitaries...and damaged the long and proud reputation of Polish pilots.
     SEE: 2:51 Dramatic Video Of Safe Crash Landing: