17 April 2013

RUSSIA : Opposition Blogger Navalny Corruption Trial Begins In Remote Kirov.

       The corruption trial of noted anti-corruption blogger and staunch Putin foe Alexei Navalny began in provincial Kirov.
      Navalny, 36...is charged with stealing $538,000 in 2009 from a lumber firm while employed as a consultant.
      He was described as 'calm and defiant' during his 40-minute hearing...far away from his middle-class Moscow supporters. 
      The trial was rescheduled for next week.
      Polling reveals that only 37% of Russians know who Navalny is...and only 14% would vote for him for president.
      In Kirov...there appears to be little sympathy...or support...for Navalny.
      One young woman said: 'He is probably guilty of something'...while a student said: 'It looks like he's guilty...it would be best if he went to jail.'

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