07 April 2013

BRASIL / VENEZUELA : Prosecutors Probe Former President Lula da Silva For Corruption; Lula Endorses Maduro.

     The man President Obama once called the most popular politician in the world...Brasil's 2 time President Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva...is being investigated for corruption.
     A businessman at the center of a bribery scheme claims Lula not only knew about a massive pay-offs...but received money from it. 
     Lula has denied any knowledge of the scheme...called Mensalao...that used public monies to buy political support.
     24 of his party's members and some close aides have already been convicted.
     Lula...now sporting a thick mustache and a regrown head of hair...has been recovering from throat cancer.
     He recently endorsed the election of Hugo Chavez's designated candidate...Nicolas Maduro...for president of Venezuela.