02 April 2013

ARGENTINA : 05 April UPDATE: Deluge Death Toll Mounts To 57 In Buenos Aires Province; La Plata Hard Hit; 20 Still Missing.

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       In Buenos Aires province...heavy flooding killed at least 57 people...with at least 20 people still missing.
       Most of the dead...at least 51...were in the provincial capital of La Plata...where 12 inches/400 mm of rain fell in a few hours on Wednesday.
        In Buenos Aires city...more than 6 inches/155 mm fell in 7 hours early Tuesday... killing 6...swamping upscale Belgrano and Palermo and other neighborhoods, flooding some metro lines...and causing power outages.
     Over 600,000 people are still affected...lacking power, telephone service or water.
     In La Plata...at least 100,000 households were destroyed by floods.
     3 days of national mourning were declared.
     Experts describe it as the heaviest rain in a century.

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