03 April 2013

USA / EU / TECHNOLOGY : FYI: Google's Reader Disappears...Again; 6 Nations Threaten Privacy Violation Fines.

     FYI: For the 2nd time since Google announced the demise of its popular READER on 01 July...the service disappeared from its pull down Gmail More menu...again!
    This...just a day after 6 EU nations announced their intentions to possibly fine Google over pending privacy issues...that the Mt. View, California company has ignored for over a year.
   The threatened fines...could cost Google...an estimated 2 minutes worth of advertising revenues.
   Google seems determined to send the Reader to an early death...with its second menu deletion...forcing stubborn users...like this newsblog's editor...to search and bookmark the service...again.
    Observers say the Reader was killed over privacy concerns, cost..and because Google could not charge for it...like it can with new Android apps.
   Petitions over Reader's demise have also stalled...and bitter acceptance has set in.
   Over 147,000 have signed a petition protesting its demise...but a Reader alternative called Feedly...announced that it has picked up over 3 million new users.