04 March 2013

ITALY / EUROZONE : After Shocking Electoral Showing...Roma Awaits The 'Grillini'.

       Now...Beppe Grillo's name is on everyone's lips.
       His profile is everywhere.
       He's no longer dismissed simply as an angry comic and blogger.
       Italy's political elites now have reason to view the rise of his M5S party with trepidation and real fear.
       The party won over 25% of a recent vote....some 8 million voters.
       Grillo has refused to 'horsetrade'...and even called a left-wing leader 'two-faced.'
       He also called center left leader Pier Luigi Bersani...'a dead man talking.'
       Grillo has labelled disgraced 3 time PM Silvio Berlusconi as a 'psycho dwarf'...and 'saliva salesman.'
       This weekend in Tuscany...Beppe refused to talk to any photographers or reporters.
       Soon...his 162 young unorthodox followers...the 'Grillini'...will take office.
       They represent an energized lost generation of Italians...under 40...and unemployed with little to lose.
       Will they be willing to compromise and avoid deadlock?
       The Eurozone is anxious.
       Those disenchanted with austerity in Greece, Spain and Portugal are watching.
       Monday...the euro hit a 2.5 month low...$1.298 vs the usd...while the yield on its 10-year bond...rose by 50 bps...to 4.867%.

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