04 March 2013

ITALY / VATICAN / GERMANY: Nervy Imposter Tries To Crash Cardinals' Conclave.

    This picture is worth tons of words.
    An audacious imposter (above left) trying to dress like a cardinal...shook hands and chatted with some visiting prelates...waiting for his chance to crash the Vatican's exclusive conclave of 115 cardinals...that will select the next pope.
    But sharp-eyed Swiss guards noticed real differences in dress...an incorrect purple sash, a too-short robe and funky fedora...and bounced the phony.
     He had identified himself as Basilius of the Italian Orthodox Church...but his real name is Ralph Napierski...and he is a German child abuse protester...with a website and some bizarre YouTube videos.
     The German Catholic Church has denounced him...calling Napierski a 'troublemaker.'
     They said the self-proclaimed bishop was a 'Jesus yoga' proponent...and couldn't be trusted.
     The conclave was delayed anyway...because only 103 cardinals had arrived.