13 March 2013

FRANCE : Hollande's Suddenly Slumping Popularity.

     For Francophiles like this newsblog's editor...or those interested in Europe's 2nd biggest economy...Der Spiegel features a piece on the suddenly slumping popularity of French President Francois Hollande.
    Last June...Hollande had between 51-63% approval...that has now plummeted to 30-37%.
    In just 10 months...even some in his own Socialist party have become disillusioned... 'accusing him of having no vision, doing too little, speaking publicly too seldom and leaving his government muddling through.'
   His backing of same sex marriage also upset many conservative Catholics.
   And many apparently don't like his partner...Valerie Trierweiler.
   Recent PR efforts to bolster his image have failed.
   Is it a case of Sarkozy...deja vu?