14 February 2013

USA : 15 Feb UPDATE : A Look Inside The Toxic Ship...As The Carnival Cruise From Hell...Finally Ends!

    IST LINK CHANGE / Caution...contains Graphic Images!!!

     The cruise ship from hell finally docked in Mobile, Alabama.
     It's voyage wasn't as tragic as the wreck of the Italian liner Costa Concordia that caused 32 deaths...but the ship is owned by the same company.
     After a heartbreaking delay from a broken tow line just in sight of land...the Carnival Triumph...finally docked late Thursday night...allowing its 3,123 passengers and 1,086 crew...to eat real food, shower and rest in comfort...after 4 days of 'living in a petri dish' of raw sewage and human waste.
    The disabled ship treated its passengers...worse than that nasty sarcastic comic puppet... Triumph the Insult Dog...who only threatens to poop on people.
     The Carnival Triumph forced its passengers to live amidst actual poop...while bobbing about in the Gulf of Mexico for 5 days...after losing its propulsion power in a fire.
    The power loss had killed off all electricity, refrigeration, water...and toilet functions.

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