23 February 2013

SPAIN : 24 Fed UPDATE: Organized By Social Media...Thousands Protest Austerity In 80 Cities; 45 Arrested In Madrid.


         Thousands of angry citizens...spurred-on by social media...gathered in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and 77 other cities...to protest austerity measures, 26% unemployment, corruption and the deepening recession there.
         The many protests were mostly non-violent...but 45 including 9 minors...were arrested in Madrid.
        Police say 40 people needed minor medical attention...including 12 police.
         The marchers had organized under the Twitter hashtag: #Marea Cuidadana, 23F/Citizen Tide, 23F...and supported by unions.
         They dressed in various colors...to represent their interest...green for ecology, etc.
         Some 2,000 riot police guarded the parliament building in Madrid.
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