24 February 2013

MEXICO : Narcos Offer $46,000 Bounty For Tamaulipas Blogger.

    Journalism is not the glamorous business it used to be.
    In Mexico...and elsewhere in Latin America...it has become plain deadly.
    In the border state of Tamaulipas...narcos...probably the brutal and ruthless Los Zetas...are offering 600,000 pesos/$46,000 for the identity of the Facebook blogger of Valor Por Tamaulipas/ Courage For Tamaulipas.
     Fliers recently were distributed in at least 4 cities...advertising the blogger bounty.
     Many Tamaulipas news outlets choose to self-censor narco news...rather than face violence...like staff kidnappings, killings and even office bombings.
    The blogger told CNN that he/she would continue despite the threat.
    'The criminals truly think that they are in the right and that everyone should obey them. They think that crime is a job and causing damage is a right.'