24 February 2013

MEXICO / BELGIUM : 25 Feb UPDATE: Belgian Man Murdered In Acapulco Car Jacking.

      A Belgian national...Jan Sarens, 59...was killed after being shot in the chest...in an Acapulco shopping center parking lot...on Saturday afternoon.
     Sarens was an executive with a Belgian crane company in Mexico City...and also had a house in Acapulco.
     Police say it was an apparent car jacking...as armed men tried to steal his luxury Mercedes convertible in the very upscale Diamante area.
     He resisted and was killed.
     However...Sarens' company disclosed that he had received death threats from a Mexican business associate.
     Whatever the case...it means more bad publicity for Acapulco and Guerrero state tourism...where 6 Italian women were robbed and raped...for 3 hours...3 weeks ago.