26 February 2013

ITALY / EUROZONE / GERMANY : 27 Feb UPDATE: Beppe Refuses Bersani Deal; Silvio And Grillo Deliver Sizzling Hot Gridlock To Rome, Markets; German Pol Steinbrueck Calls Out the 'Clowns.'

      A former crooner...and a comic/blogger...delivered a combo platter of sizzling hot gridlock to Roma and the Eurozone...sending markets into a tizzy.
      Voters in the Eurozone's third largest economy...chose paralysis by giving 29% to disgraced 3 time PM Silvio Berlusconi...who saturated his media airwaves spouting unrealistic populist rhetoric...while angry comic/blogger Beppe Grillo...who wants a euro referendum and to freeze debt payments...scored 26%...in the 4-way race to run the government.
      They rudely slapped-down acting technocrat PM 'Super' Mario Monte with only 10.56%...and left center candidate Pier Luigi Bersani emerged with 29.54 %.
       As predicted...leading candidate Bersani won the lower house...but not the senate.
       Control of both is needed to govern...because of a 2005 law.
       Grillo's huge support surprised many.
       Traveling only by camper...his Tsunami Tour promoted his 3-tear-old 5 Star party... attracting tens of thousands of young and old...promising free internet and railing against corruption, the current crop of pols, austerity and the EU.
       Essentially...nearly 55% of Italians have strongly rebuked Germany's Angela Merkel...voting against her leadership and EU/ECB/IMF demanded austerity.
       Results also demonstrate that polling...which ended 2 weeks ago...was terribly wrong.
       Now...it may take weeks of uncertainty...for the party leaders to scramble to form a ruling coalition...or even require another election.
       But Grillo still refuses to partner up with anyone.
       Experts believe a new election might result in a Grillo landslide
       The markets reacted negatively...because they hate uncertainty...and certain turmoil.
       Italians bonds got more expensive...with rising...but not yet prohibitive yields.
     NEW!!! LINK : Beppe refuses any coalition deal with the center left's Bersani. 
     He defends angry voters and predicts his movement 'will change the world.'
     German pol Peer Steinbrueck (foto) says he was 'appalled' that Silvio and Beppe...'2 clowns won'...forcing the Italian president to cancel a dinner with him.