26 February 2013

COLOMBIA : 27 Feb UPDATE: 21 Injured After Striking Coffee Growers Protest; Some Clash With Police; Santos' Popularity Sinks.

       Thousands of striking coffee growers marched in Bogota, Medellin and other cities...demanding larger subsidies...to soften the effect of falling world prices...and a stronger currency.
       Some blocked roads and clashed with some 15,000 police.
       At least 21 were reported injured but none seriously.
       Colombia is the globe's #4 coffee producer...but last year's crop was the smallest in decades.
       President Santos calls the strike 'unnecessary and inconvenient.'
       Santos' popularity has plummeted...to 50%...from 56% in December...according to Gallup. 
        It is his lowest approval mark since taking office.
        Citizens are increasingly concerned about inflation, corruption and growing insecurity.