18 February 2013

BULGARIA / CZECH REP / SLOVENIA : 21 Feb UPDATE: PM Borissov Resigns; 11 Arrested, 15 Injured In Sofia Electricity Protest; Are Czech And Slovene PMs Next To Go?

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      After 11 days of turmoil in the streets...PM Boyko Borissov submitted his resignation to parliament.
      Thousands had marched again Monday in dozens of cities protesting austerity measures and skyrocketing electric bills...after the imposition of a 13% rate hike.
      1,500 marched in Sofia...25 were arrested...and 4 police cars were trashed.
      At least 15 were injured in Sofia...including 5 police.
      An energy office was attacked in Varna
      Facing a July election...conservative PM Boyko Borissov had fired his finance minister since 2009...Simeon Djankov.
      But...it was not enough for the protesters.
      A new election date will be moved up...possibly to late April or early May.
      President Rosen Plevneliev will appoint an interim PM until new elections are held.
      Djankov, 42...was a former World Bank official...praised by the EU for spending cutbacks...but disliked by protesters for his 'blunt' manner...and blamed for widely unpopular austerity policies.

     NEW!! ALSO: PM's fall is bad omen for austerity enthusiasts...Czechs and Slovenia.