19 February 2013

USA / POLITICS / MEDIA : Toure Calls Senator Marco Rubio: 'Human Band Aid' on GOP Whiteness.

          Toure...a perceptive and refreshingly outspoken African-American host on an MSNBC cable show...declared Senator Marco Rubio...the young Republican from Florida getting much exposure over immigration reform...'a human Band-Aid on a bullet wound'...and a 'brown face' that masks the Republican Party's 'whiteness.'
         Rubio, 42...last week was pushed forward to offer the GOP's rebuttal...in English and Spanish...after President Obama's State of the Union address.
        A darling of the right wing Tea Party...observers called Rubio's message tepid and lacking new ideas...heavily larded with the standard Republican bromides.
         Rubio has been relentlessly mocked by media...for awkwardly grabbing a sip of bottled water...while addressing the camera during his important introduction to millions of citizens.