19 February 2013

RUSSIA / UKRAINE : 2 Billionaires Pledge To Give Away Some Of Fortunes...To Charity.

     A Ukrainian...and a Russian billionaire...have joined the trendy movement by some of the world's wealthiest citizens...to pledge their fortunes to charities.
    Russian industrial oligarch Vlad Potanin, 52, worth over $14 billion...and Ukraine's precious metals magnate Victor Pinchuk, 52 (Foto)...with nearly $4 billion...claim they will give away some of their vast fortunes.
     The movement was started in 2010 by 2 of the globe's richest men...Microsoft founder Bill Gates, 57...with a $66 billion nest egg...and Berkshire Hathaway's $54 billion guru Warren Buffett, 82.
     There are now 105 rich people...who have joined the Giving Pledge movement.
     Forbes claims Russia has nearly 100 billionaires...while the Ukraine has only 9.
     No Latin Americans have yet to take the pledge.
     Mexico's Carlos Slim Helu at $74 billion...is the world's richest man...with a near monopoly on his nation's expensive land and cell phone lines because of his America Movil holdings. 
     Slim did build and stock a critically panned art museum in the D.F.

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