18 February 2013

VENEZUELA : Chavez Finally Returns To Caracas.

      President Hugo Chavez finally deserted his secure La Habana, Cuba hospital bed after 70 days...in exchange for new refuge in a secure Caracas military facility. 
     Hugo tweeted his arrival in Venezuela at 2:30 am...claiming he was 'clinging to Christ and trust in my doctors and nurses.'
    No images of his return home were released.
    Opponents believe that Chavez, 58...has come home to resign...and die...and that the transition of power is already underway.
   Supporters hope Hugo continues on the road to recovery...and will finally be sworn in.
   Hundreds sang, danced and exploded fireworks outside his Caracas hospital.
   Venezuelan dollar bonds have rallied during his illness...up 35.4% in 12 months.