18 February 2013

ARMENIA : 20 Feb UPDATE: 5,000 Protest...Claim Fraud In President Sarkisian Re-election.

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          Some 5,000 gathered in Yerevan for 3 hours...claiming widespread fraud...protesting the overwhelming re-election of incumbent President Serge Sarkisian.
          No violence was reported.
          Sarkisian, 59...easily won a 2nd term...with 59% of the vote.
        His closest rival Raffi Hovanessian...garnered 37% of the vote...for the 5-year term.
        Voter turnout was estimated at 60%.
        Many better known opponents had quit the race.
        One candidate has been on a hunger strike since 21 January.
          Sarkisian's 2008 victory resulted in 10 deaths after opponents clashed with police...over charges of voting fraud.
          35% of the population still lives in poverty...in a nation that provides transit for many oil and gas pipelines crucial to Europe.