15 January 2013

USA / POLITICS / ECONOMICS / HUMOR: Obama Blasts GOP For 'Dine And Dash' Debt Threat.

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   As a former speechwriter for a Democratic governor of a major American state...this newsblog's editor literally laughed out loud...when President Obama creatively employed a simple 'dine and dash' metaphor to excoriate the threatened Republican policy on default of USA debt.
     It was...glorious!
     Obama told a press conference...'This is not a complicated concept. You do not go out to dinner and then eat all you want...and leave without paying the check. If you do you are breaking the law.'
    Politicians are often loathe to deliver what speechwriters draft for them.
    Especially something humorous and memorable.
    But Obama went ahead...and spelled out the dire and unnecessary consequences of a default...in simple terms that anyone can understand...even Tea Party Republicans.

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