15 January 2013

COLOMBIA / CUBA : Ignored...ELN Terrorists Step Up Attacks; FARC Peace Talks Resume In La Habana.


      Peace talks have resumed in La Habana between Bogota and reps for the 8,500 member narco/oro terrorist group...FARC.
      But the smaller narco terrorist group...the ELN...with some 3,000 members...is not present there.
      They were excluded by President Juan Manuel Santos.
      ELN resents it...and has stepped-up attacks on an important oil pipeline...to increase pressure and prove they belong.
     Bogota claims the 2 groups objectives are different...and would complicate negotiations.
     ELN has also refused to exclude kidnappings from its bag of tactics.
     Colombia's chief negotiator also wants the FARC talks to speed-up...and be completed by a November deadline.
     FARC has reaffirmed that its ceasefire will end on 20 January.