11 January 2013

MEXICO: Another Narco Rumor Emerges After Jenni Rivera Plane Crash; Relatives Of 4 Dead Passengers Sue Plane's Owner.


      The Mexican media can't get enough mileage out of singer Jenni Rivera's tragic death.
      Rivera, 43...perished with 6 others after a 44-year-old private jet...allegedly owned by a narco connected company...and piloted by an unqualified 78 year old captain...with an inexperienced 20-year-old co-pilot...crashed just after taking off from Monterrey.
       Now...the influential Reforma newpaper claims Rivera was connected with the Beltran-Leyva narco gang.
        It alleges that Jenni performed at the mafiosos' private events...and even for notorious boss La Barbie.
        The media even called Rivera...La Diva de la Banda.'
        A lawyer representing relatives of the 4 dead passengers announced a suit for negligence against the Lear jet's owner.