12 January 2013

CZECH REP : 15 Jan UPDATE: Russian Media Analysis Of Run-Off; Presidential Election...Requires 2nd Round.


     Russian media have been analyzing the 2 candidates for the runoff in the largely ceremonial position of president.
    They are calling Zeman 'experienced' and pro-Russia...while Schwarzenberg is dismissed as as 'antiquity.'
    In a surprise...aristocratic Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, 75... will face former PM Milos Zeman...in less than 2 weeks.
    Neither succeeded in winning the required 50% of the vote.
    Zeman garnered 24.2%...while Schwarzenberg got 23.4%
    Former PM Jan Fisher...whom most polls showed leading the race...ended in 3rd.
    Observers blame his poor showing on a lackluster debate performance.
     International media darling...the blue tattooed drama professor and artist...Vladimir Franz, 53...finished 5th...among the 9 candidates...with 6.84%.
    Besides his entire head...90% of Franz's body is covered with tattoos. Some predicted that Franz would finish in 3rd place.
       Orig. LINK with election results: