23 January 2013

ITALY : Oh, No! Silvio's Spectre Returns.


     Silvio may be baack!
     Polling numbers for disgraced former PM Silvio Berlusconi's party recently have soared...from the low teens...to 26% approval.
     Experts are betting that the province of Lombardy...with its many small businesses... might push Silvio's refigured party back into contention...as the former crooner continues his populist tirade against technocrat PM Mario Monti's tax hikes.
    Berlusconi, 76...has even wiped clear his party's usual slate of unqualified starlets...and mafioso connected cronies and allies.
    But...experts also credit the anciano's outgoing personality...and sometimes common touch...for the surge.
    Plus...Silvio finally has lady luck on his side.
    His headline grabbing bunga-bunga underage sex trial in Milano has been postponed until after the 24 February elections.