10 January 2013

CANADA / ASIA / USA / ENERGY :11 Jan UPDATE: BC Environmentalists Shut Down Proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline; Indigena Threaten To Bring Ottawa 'To Its Knees'...Unless Needs Met.


     It looked like a done deal.
     After the Obama administration blocked a proposed pipeline from tar sands crude rich Alberta...conservative PM Stephen Harper planned an alternative $6 billion...730 mile pipeline over the mountains and thru the valleys of lush British Columbia...to supply the energy hungry Asian markets...especially Japan and China.
     The proposed Northern Gateway...has been stymied by environmental opposition...and some indigena people.
     BC residents see little benefit...but all the risks...from a new pipeline...and potential spills.
     57% in BC oppose it.
     One tribal chief said... 'As far as we are concerned...this is a doomed project.'
     Meanwhile...the glut of Canadian blends are selling well below market...setting a new record difference this month...$32.84 usd bbl.
      NEW!!!  IST LINK CHANGE :  Canada's 1.2 million indigena are threatening to block resource development and 'bring (Canada) to its knees'...unless the government pays attention to their grievances...with their 'Idle No More' campaign