10 January 2013

BRASIL: 11 Jan Update: Sao Paulo Will Force Treatment On Crack Addicts;Rio's 'Cracolandia' Crackdown Criticized After Boy Dies.


     Sao Paulo says it will force crack addicts apprehended during round-ups to get treatment.
     It will target adults...with some 700 beds available.

      AND: The recent death of a 10-year-old boy during an early morning police crackdown in a Rio drug area called cracolandia has reignited debate over Brasil's tough new drug policies.       The boy died after being hit by a car as he fled approaching police and social workers.
      In 2011...Rio and other cities began regular sweeps to remove crack addicts from streets.
      Brasil will host millions of tourists in the 2014 World Cup...and 2016 Summer Olympics.