14 January 2013

ARGENTINA / CUBA / VENEZUELA : Frail Fidel Greets Cristina; Chavez Respiratory Problems Ease Says Official; Brasil Urges Quick Election If Chavez Dies.


      It has not yet been revealed whether Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner met with still ailing Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in his La Habana hospital.
     But...Cristina was photographed with a frail-looking Fidel Castro...now in his 88th year...and brother Raul.
     Top Venezuelan officials flew to Cuba over the weekend...and reported that Hugo's serious respiratory problems had eased.
     They denied rumors that he was in a coma.
     The so-called Chavista 'power troika'...VP Nicolas Maduro, Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez and Congress head Diosdado Cabello reportedly met with Raul Castro.
     Ecuador President Ollanta Humala also made a quick trip to Cuba to visit Chavez...but it's not known whether he visited Hugo.
    NEW!!! Powerhouse economy Brasil is said to be lobbying for a new election...if Chavez dies.
   Officials told VP Maduro they want a quick national vote...if Hugo loses his battle with cancer.