14 January 2013

FRANCE / RUSSIA : Actor Depardieu Blasts Pussy Riot; Declares 'Masses Are Stupid.'


      French multi-millionaire actor Gerard Depardieu...delivered a second act...in his controversial one man play...of defending 'close' friend...Russian President Putin.
    After quickly receiving a Russian passport...and even job offer with free housing from a poor province there...the French tax exile labelled Putin's opposition 'stupid'...and declared that the Pussy Riot trio deserved to be sent to the gulag for their :45 Moscow cathedral protest song.
   The famously rotund actor observed that the 3 young women would have been executed for the same performance...if it had been done in a mosque.
   Depardieu has been feuding publicly with top French officials over France's high taxes.
   His worth has been estimated at $200 million.