26 December 2012

VENEZUELA / CUBA / BOLIVIA : Hugo Health Update; Important Duties Given Maduro; Evo Mum On Condition.


     Here are the latest news/rumors...circulating about ailing President Hugo Chavez.
     It was just revealed that on 8 December...3 days before his medical trip to Cuba...Hugo officially delegated some important responsibilities to former bus driver Nicolas Maduro...now his hand-picked VP...including budget, expropriations and sovereign debt.
     Maduro also relished telling the nation on Christmas Eve...that Chavez was walking around...and talking.
     Chavez reportedly suffered bleeding...and even needed a breathing aids...after his last procedure in Cuba on 11 December.
    He has not been heard from...or seen in public since then.
    The presidents of 2 close allies...Ecuador and Bolivia...also visited with Chavez in La Habana.
    Bolivia's Evo Morales refused to comment about Hugo's condition.
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