26 December 2012

USA / UK / TV CULTURE: Hit Show Downton Abbey Saves Crumbling Castle; Star Reveals No Return In Season 4.


     Downton Abbey...a hit British TV show for 3 years on ITV...invaded the USA's airwaves and consciousness...finding massive success on PBS...but has also impacted the estate where it is filmed...helping the owners to fund over $15 million in necessary repairs to preserve the 1679-era castle.
      Highclere Castle in Berkshire has between 200-300 rooms...and often gets 1,200 paying visitors daily in the summer.
      And...despite a 'normal' male's resistance to soap operas...and especially British social class sagas...even this news blog's editor has become a fan of Downton Abbey. My telenovela-loving Cubana would be surprised.
    !!! NEW!!!  Actor Dan Stevens...who portrays Matthew Cawley...the young heir to the Downton estate...has just revealed that he will not return for Season 4 of the series.
    Season #3 resumes airing in the USA...on 06 January.