06 December 2012

UKRAINE / SPAIN : Stranger Embarrasses Kyiv In $1 Billion LNG 'Deal.'


      Traders worldwide are still shaking their heads...over a mysterious stranger who recently humiliated Kyiv officials...over a phoney $1 billion deal...that would have helped free Ukraine from Moscow's nat gas clutches.
     The man claimed to represent Spain's Gas Natural Fenosa...when he negotiated the deal for its major investment in a long desired LNG terminal on the Black Sea.
     But at the signing ceremony...the energy giant disavowed signing any agreement... embarrassing soon to be ex-PM Mykal Azarov...and Energy Minister Yuri Boiko.
     The scheming middleman was later revealed to be a bearded, bald former ski instructor from Barcelona named Jordi Sarda Bonvehi, 43.
      Gas Natural says he did not work for the company.
      Sarda Bonvehi has since disappeared from sight.