05 December 2012

RUSSIA : 17 Dec UPDATE: 2 Rescued Men Admit Eating Dead Companion In Yakutia Wilderness.


     It was a sordid case of...eat and run.
     2 fisherman...rescued after 3 months lost in Russia's remote and cold far east... disappeared again...after investigators found human remains near the spot where they were finally found.
     They have finally surfaced...and admitted feeding on the body of frozen dead companion for weeks...to survive.
      In August...4 men disappeared while river fishing in the wild Yakutia region.
      Only 2 men were eventually rescued...with no signs of the other 2...until bones and signs of a violent death were found near the rescue site.
     After some rest and food...the rescued pair in their 30's...suddenly disappeared.
     Cannibalism is not covered under Russia's criminal code.
     But a suspected murder probe has begun.
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