05 December 2012

BRASIL : UPDATE: Federal Agents Arrest 60 Rio Police For Corruption; Brasilia Boosts Football Security Funds To $900 Million.


      The ongoing crackdown on corruption ahead of the World Cup reached Rio's police force...with 60 officers arrested for conspiring with and being paid by narco slumlords.
     11 suspects from the notorious Red Command narco gang were also arrested...after a year-long investigation.
     Investigators claim the police even sold the narcos weapons.
     12 more cops and narcos are reported to be on the run.
    AND: Worried that news about out of control crime in Sao Paulo and elsewhere will dampen tourism for the 2014 World Cup...Brasilia announced it will boost security spending to $900 million.
     It now estimates there will be one cop for every 50 football attendees.
     FIFA had expressed concerns over Brasil's growing crime.