07 December 2012

ITALY / EUROZONE : 10 Dec UPDATE: Monti Downplays Resignation Threat; Berlusconi Stuns Roma And Confirms PM Run...After Party Walkout Weakens Monti.

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     Ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi apparently loves, craves and needs the attention.
     Running again for prime minister...guarantees it.
     Silvery Silvio has confirmed another run for PM next year.
     He immodestly claimed his party could not find a suitable candidate...other than himself.
      PM 'Super' Mario Monti is now downplaying his intended resignation...after the withdrawal of support by Berlusconi's party...that cripples his effectiveness.
      Monti says he will try to pass a budget before leaving...but hints he may stand again.
     On Thursday...Silvio's party walked out during a Senate vote on new growth measures... but now says it will pass current technocrat PM Mario Monti's proposals...meaning that an earlier February election is likely...and the election will not move-up on the calendar.
     Italy's bonds have sunk...with yields rising...as Monti's rule looked less stable.
     On Friday...Silvio's party...the PDL officially cancelled its primary...and a spokesman said the slippery anciano...would run again for PM...after exiting 13 months ago.
     The party has also unveiled a new website with a video praising him.
     Observers believe the PDL has the support...at best...of 20% of voters.
     Berlusconi, 76...has toyed with...and tortured...the public and markets for months over his possible re-run as PM.
     A media billionaire and one time crooner...Berlusconi has served 3 terms as PM...and is enmeshed in several trials...including the notorious 'Bunga-Bunga" sex trial.
     But analysts report that Silvio's media empire is suffering...and he only wants to protect his fading business interests.
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