08 December 2012

MEXICO: Narcos Kill 13 In Tamaulipas; 4 Hung From Overpass In Saltillo.


      Former President Calderon has fled to the USA...and Enrique El Guapo Pena Enrique is now in charge...but nothing has changed.
      Shocking violence still persists...as narco gangs fight over territory/plazas.
      In Tamaulipas state...police found a total of 13 bodies stuffed inside 2 abandoned vehicles...with 3 badly mutilated.
     Conflicting warnings were found from the warring Zetas and Gulfo narcos.
    In Coahuila state...4 bodies were hung from a Saltillo highway overpass on Friday.
    The brutal los Zetas are at war with the Sinaloa and the Gulfo narcos there.