07 December 2012

CHILE : 11 Dec UPDATE: Smelly Atacama Pigs Plant Will Close After Protests; Claims That Agrosuper Plant Was Offal...Not Super.

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      Protesters in Freirina in the far north Atacama region...have won over plans to reopen a mammoth pig processing plant there.
     After clashes that resulted in some injuries and arrests...when an access road to the plant was blocked...officials of the Agrosuper plant announced it would not re-open.
     In May...locals succeeded in getting officials to remove 500,000 pigs from it...but a new decree claims the Agrosuper pig plant is no longer a health hazard.
     Residents just hated the awful smells of pig offal.
      But Agrosuper says the closing will mean job losses.
     In November...residents claimed there were still nearly 270,000 pigs at the plant.
     Some demonstrators had even attacked the plant with petrol bombs.