07 December 2012

USA / ODDITIES: 14 Dec UPDATE: Despite Vandals...Billboard Seeking Latina Woman Delivers 15,000 Responses To Wealthy Businessman.


      Like this newsblog's editor...San Diego real estate investor Marc Paskin...had a thing for 
     But he tried an unusual approach announcing his romantic preferences.
     Paskin rented a billboard off the freeway in a heavily Hispanic neighborhood... proclaiming... 'All I want for Christmas is a Latina Girlfriend.'
     Some vandals had other ideas...damaging...then destroying the $4,000 sign.
     Turns out...Paskin didn't need it any longer.
     He got over 15,000 email responses after just a few days.
     The wealthy businessman's wife of 28 years died from diabetes in 2002.
     Paskin is not publicity shy...having appeared on a USA reality TV show.
     He said he received thousands of responses...and has not decided whether to replace the sing.
     Still...there's a huge caution...asking Santa for a Latina novia.
     It's called...la suegra/the mother-in-law.
     Sometimes...a lump of coal is better.