17 December 2012

ITALY : 19 Dec UPDATE: Silvio Plans On Returning To Power; Anciano Silvio To Wed TV Presenter, 27.


      Italy's former PM Silvio Berlusconi...always has a plan...and the resources to carry it out.
     Simply...slippery Silvio would like to return to power.
     It would protect his fading media interests...and also keep him out of jail. 
     With 3 TV stations and hundreds of savvy PR and strategists...he is actively involved in mapping out his return...spinning fairy tales and lies.
       But he doesn't have much time to do it...before next February's election.
      The thought of Berlusconi returning as PM...makes Eurozone leaders very nervous.
      Yesterday...the anciano garnered more attention...by announcing his engagement
 to blonde TV presenter Francesca Pascale, 27.
     The billionaire,76...already has 2 ex-wives...and 5 children.
     Berlusconi concedes there is a big 49 year age difference...but says that his fiancee '...is a very good friend' of his daughter Marina.
     Pascale has been seen at slippery Silvio's side since he announced another run for prime minister in February.
    Berlusconi is still involved with least 3 trials...as well as an appeal of a recent conviction.
ORIG LINK:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2249224/Former-Italian-prime-Minister-Silvio-Berlusconi-76-announces-engagement-TV-presenter-Francesca-Pascale-27.html