17 December 2012

RUSSIA / MEXICO : Apocalypse Mania Sweeps Over Russia; Mayans Downplay Their Epoch's Calendar End.


     Some people still insist the world's end is coming...this Friday.
     Despite denials from actual Mayans about the prophecy's validity...many Russians believe it...and are apparently stocking-up...on salt, candles and matches.
     That's right...salt, candles and matches...have been flying off the shelves...while online forums are abuzz with what will be edible after most humans are wiped out.
     Russian politicians, priests, psychologists and doctors are trying to calm the populace's hysteria.
   ALSO READ: Experts say the phenomenon is fueled 'by Hollywood movies, computer games and internet doom-mongers.' 
     Mayans say it simply marks the end of a 400 year epoch...and the beginning of another...the 14th.