03 December 2012

COLOMBIA : Narco Subs And Technology On Display At Museum.

     With 7 Images...especially for naval warship fans

      Colombia's narcos have finally succeeded in building fully submersible subs...called 'snorkel subs.'
      4 have been captured so far.
      They can speed along at 12-15 knots...at 32 feet below the surface...with just a small intake valve...capable of carrying tons of drugs...and displaying only a weak radar signature.
      Police often bust narco subs by monitoring local witches/brujas...because smugglers are 
      They have impounded 23 semi-subs...and detected 96 over the years.
       But narcos are always coming up with some new wrinkle to transport vast quantities of drugs...including 'unmanned submersibles' with GPS beacons.
      A full evolution of narco transport can be seen at a Bahia Malaga museum.